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Door To Door Shipping Solutions

If You Move It By Barge, Rail Or Truck, RiverLift Has The Equipment, Facilities And Integrity To Load, Unload, Store And Transport It — And Deliver Peace Of Mind.

Integrated Transportation Services

With equipment in high demand, barge lines and railroads are reducing free time and increasing demurrage rates. RiverLift has everything needed to quickly and safely unload and store your cargo so you can cut demurrage costs. Count on us to listen carefully to your needs and provide flexible material handling and storage solutions that meet today’s demanding market conditions.

White Truck

River Terminal Connections

For fast transfer of bulk cargo from barges to trucks, we run two custom-built Liebherr 984 barge excavators, each with a 50-foot reach and 6-cy handling bucket. With a cycle time under 45 seconds, trucks are fully loaded and out of the gate within minutes. Our high-speed truck-to-barge conveyor system gets trucks unloaded and back on the road just as efficiently.

Large Crane

Rail Terminal Connections

For bulk materials, bottom-dump railcars are discharged onto a 30-foot conveyor for quick transfer into a warehouse or truck. To go from truck to rail, bulk materials are dumped into a receiving hopper then transferred by our conveyor directly onto railcars. We also have overhead cranes for steel, break-bulk and similar cargo.

Train Cars

Warehousing & Storage

Staging pads next to each cargo transfer area allow us to temporarily stockpile cargo so we can unload barges and railcars without interruption. Front-end loaders, forklifts and other equipment are then used to out-load trucks for delivery. Need long-term storage? No problem. RiverLift has outdoor and indoor storage capacity, as well as a truck scale system and inventory control services.

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